Awich New EP - "Beat" "Heart" released simultaneously

Like the previous work "8", this work is also produced by Chaki Zulu, and two contrasting EPs "Beat" and "Heart" will be released simultaneously on October 10th (Wednesday)!

"Beat,'' which focuses on HIP HOP beats and her rapping, is produced by French DJ/producer Sam Tiba and guest performer kZm from YENTOWN. Contains 4 songs, including "NEBUTA'', a banger tune with a distinctive sound and Japanese drum beat, and "Paper Airplane'', an official sample of "Colored Blues'', one of EGO-WRAPPIN's most representative songs.

In contrast to "Beat,'' "Heart'' is mainly composed of beat music to indie R&B songs. Awich's love song "Love Me Up'', "Pressure'' which has been rumored to be the theme song for the TV drama "Shima Kosaku Series 35th Anniversary Project "Chief Fuuka Rinko no Koi'', and SOIL&"PIMP" SESSIONS's "Pressure''. Contains a total of 4 songs: "Fade Away'', with a beautiful piano arrangement by Chosei, and "If She Cries'', produced by LeJKeys, who also plays songs by Jhene Aiko and others.

Release Information
2018.10.10 Digital Release

“Beat” 1. So What (Prod. Chaki Zulu) 2. NEBUTA ft. kZm (Prod. Sam Tiba) 3. Long Time (Prod. B.O Beatz & Chaki Zulu) 4. 紙飛行機 (Prod. Chaki Zulu)
“Heart” 1. Love Me Up (Prod. Chaki Zulu) 2. Pressure (Prod. Chaki Zulu) 3. Fade Away (Prod. Chaki Zulu) 4. If She Cries (Prod. LeJKeys)
Executive Producer: Chaki Zulu | Artwork: KEITA SUZUKI | Label : YENTOWN / bpm tokyo
Awich New EP - "Beat" "Heart" released simultaneously