Yo-Sea - LOOK AT ME NOW (Prod. Chaki Zulu) released

Yo-Sea, the hottest young singer/rapper from Okinawa, has released a single produced by YENTOWN's Chaki Zulu!
The first physical work will be released at the same time exclusively at Tower Records!

Despite being a newcomer, BCDMG suddenly became a hot topic of conversation, and Okinawa has already received a lot of media attention as they have announced collaborations with artists such as KANDYTOWN's IO, fellow Okinawan artist Shaki, and popular rapper HIYADAM from the same generation. Former singer/rapper Yo-Sea releases a single.

The new song "LOOK AT ME NOW" is a sweet love song produced by YENTOWN's genius producer Chaki Zulu, who has also worked on songs by Awich, who is also from Okinawa.

In addition, physical works include his debut song "I think she is" which was released only on digital channels and made his talent known to many listeners, and 3House of the crew "Southcat" to which Yo-Sea belongs, Yo- Contains all three songs of "Dejavu feat. Yo-Sea" featuring Sea as a guest performer.
All of his songs clearly exceed the standards of the current music scene in Japan, and his beautiful singing voice and rhyming combined with a mellow beat draw the listener closer to his worldview.

In addition to the digital release of the new song, it has also been decided that the first solo physical work will be sold exclusively as a One Coin (500 yen + tax) single, which will be produced in a limited edition, and will be sold exclusively at Tower Records.It is sure to become a difficult-to-obtain item in the future, so don't miss it.

Release Information
Artist: Yo-Sea
Release date: Wednesday, December 5th

*Digital single
LOOK AT ME NOW (Prod. Chaki Zulu)

*Tower Records limited single
1. LOOK AT ME NOW (Prod. Chaki Zulu)
2. I think she is
3. 3House - Dejavu feat. Yo-Sea
Product number: BPMT-1012 | Price: ¥500 (+TAX)
Reservation URL:https://tower.jp/item/4825461
Yo-Sea - LOOK AT ME NOW (Prod. Chaki Zulu) released