YOSA & TAAR - “Fever feat. SIRUP” Release

The second single from YOSA & TAAR, the resident DJ/producer unit of the popular party "MODERN DISCO" held at the Shibuya SOUND MUSEUM VISION in Tokyo to create a new house-disco movement.
The first single since the unit started. This work, which follows the first single "Slave of Love ft. Taichi Mukai & MINMI" released in August, is based on black music such as R&B/soul and hip-hop, and collaborates with various creators. SIRUP will be a guest performer.
A dance tune centered around a 2-step beat has been completed. Just like last time, Yoshinori Sunahara, who is active in METAFIVE, is involved in mastering, and Akihiro Yasuda, who has worked on many works such as NIKE and m-flo, is in charge of art direction.

2018.11.16 Release
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YOSA & TAAR - “Fever feat. SIRUP” Release