Dos Monos - "Clean Ya Nerves" Release

Dos Monos, a bug that suddenly appeared in Tokyo's HIP HOP scene, releases their first sound source on a label in Japan and the US

In May 2018, Dos Monos, a three-person HIP HOP unit, has been rapidly gaining attention here in Japan as they became the first Japanese to sign with LA label "Deathbomb Arc", which releases songs such as Death Grips and JPEGMAFIA.

MC and track maker Zhuangziit is also active as an up-and-coming producer, providing songs for Taichi Mukai, DATS, Yahyel, etc., and also performed live at the festival "La Magnifique Society 2018" held in France. It attracted a lot of attention.
Since early on, they have been highly supported not only in the music world but also in the art and fashion industries, but their existence is only known through a few songs distributed online and a few interview articles. , whose true identity was still shrouded in mystery.

They finally released their first sound source "Clean Ya Nerves" on December 7th from the Japanese and American label bpm tokyo /Deathbomb Arc.
In addition, a music video directed by Masayoshi Tominaga, a film director known for works such as "Pavilion Pepperfish,'' will be released at the same time.

Dos Monos - Clean Ya Nerves
2018.12.07 Release
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Dos Monos - "Clean Ya Nerves" Release