JP THE WAVY - “Neo Gal Wop” Release

Rapper JP THE WAVY is a hot topic as his "Cho Wavy De Gomenne Remix feat. SALU" has been viewed approximately 8.8 million times on YouTube, and he has also participated in songs by Miliyah Kato, MINMI, SALU, etc.
It's no exaggeration to say that "every action we take is a social phenomenon.'' This is his latest solo song, his first in about a year. This is his latest work, which describes himself as a "neo-gal man" and who is not a "nor" to existing trends in fashion and music, but rather a "creator" of them.

It was also used to promote the movie ``Bullet Train.''

2018.12.7 Release
iTunes jp/album/neo-gal-wop-single/1445727075
JP THE WAVY - “Neo Gal Wop” Release