Dos Monos' "Dos City" release party "Theater D vol.1 'Welcome to Dos City'" will be held.

Dos Monos will release their debut album “Dos City” and will hold a long-awaited release party on June 6th at Shibuya WWW! Bug Sound, which completely transcends the boundaries of HIPHOP, has become a hot topic both domestically and internationally!

Dos Monos' debut album "Dos City'' caused a stir by signing with LA label Deathbomb Arc.
Free jazz, progressive rock, punk, Afro-futurism, movies, novels, theater...An irresistible album with a distorted and eerie balance that packs the roots of each member into the track and lyrics.
Created three years after its formation, This work received a huge response in an instant.Live performance is where you can truly experience the unsettling comfort of Dos Monos. In addition to the unparalleled physicality, the world of "Dos City" is fully expressed through the combination of visual production that enthusiastically exposes all the bugs and explosive sounds.
Additional luxurious guests will also be announced.Don't miss Dos Monos' long-awaited release party!