Announcement of performers for Dos Monos' "Dos City" release party "Theater D vol.1 'Welcome to Dos City'."

Luxurious guests have been decided for Dos Monos' album release party "Theater D vol.1 "Welcome to Dos City"! A special lineup of "OMSB & Hi'Spec", "YamieZimmer", and "Kadodo Mami" will be assembled for this night only!

A gorgeous lineup of guests has been decided for the first independent project "Theater D vol.1 "Welcome to Dos City", which will be held on June 6th (Thursday) and also serves as the release party for Dos Monos' album "Dos City"!
This project brings together only artists with whom Dos Monos has sympathy. First of all, from SIMI LAB, who are the crew leading the current HIPHOP scene,“OMSB & Hi’Spec” continues to wow listeners while constantly updating strong and dangerous sounds. Also, "YamieZimmer", a beat maker/producer who raised the voltage on the floor and showed the presence of a new generation at the release party at WWWβ at the end of last year, will perform a Beat showcase. Furthermore, he supports various artists including cero, “Mami Kadodo” is a musician/percussionist who continues to create exciting moments and spaces. Please enjoy the uncontrollable super bug space with a gorgeous and unique lineup that will probably only be available for one night.

Date: Thursday, June 6, 2019
Title: 「Theater D vol.1 "Welcome to Dos City"」
Venue: WWW
Stage appearance:Dos Monos / OMSB & Hi'Spec / YamieZimmer / Mami Kadodo
OPEN 18:30/19:30
adv.2,800yen / door. 3,300yen(Tax included / Drink fee not included / All standing)
Performance details:

Dos Monos

Zo zhit(MC/Truck Maker), TAITAN MAN(MC), Consists of a.k.a NGS (MC/DJ),Group of 3, HIP HOP unit, botsu a.k.a NGS (MC/DJ), a number of beats inspired by free jazz, progressive rock, etc. Features a groove that emphasizes the deviation of 3MC. MC and track maker "Zo zhit" is also active as an up-and-coming producer, providing songs for Taichi Mukai, DATS, yahyel, etc. He also became a hot topic when he appeared as a guest rapper on the DATS stage at FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL'17 along with TAITAN MAN, who is also in charge of MC. Also, in 2017, we successfully held our first overseas live performance in Seoul, After that, he appeared in SUMMER SONIC '17 etc. In 2018, they announced a contract with LA label Deathbomb Arc, and subsequently performed at French festivals such as La Magnifique Society.
In March 2019, the debut album “Dos City”, which was mixed by the genius Illicit Tsuboi, was simultaneously released on Japanese and American labels. Their overwhelming musicality and unique worldview have been praised by media and music fans both domestically and internationally, creating a huge buzz. In June, they held their first independent project, "Theater D vol.1 "Welcome to Dos City", which also served as a release party for the same album, at WWW in Shibuya, and are currently attracting the most attention, transcending all genres. It becomes.

OMSB & Hi’Spec

Muteki Shogun OMSB. Benkei's illegitimate son, a cyborg general who was sealed away due to his terrifying power and was resurrected in this world through the Lion's Blood Ceremony. I think you can tell how bad he is by looking at the photos, but his rapping skills can be described as abnormal, and his common nicknames include "guest MC killer" and "easy-to-call outsider," and he seems to be feared even in this world. is.
Active as SIMI LAB's DJ/track maker. He produced “Show Off” on SIMI LAB’s 1st album “Page1:ANATOMY OF INSANE” (11),Produced multiple songs for 2nd album “Page2:Mind Over Matter” (14). In 2016, released his first produced album “Zama City Making 35” He also performs as a regular DJ at the SIMI LAB event "GRINGO," which is held irregularly. In 2019, the film “Your Bird Sings” directed by Sho Miyake, for which Hi’Spec was in charge of the soundtrack, won the “Music Award” at the 73rd Mainichi Film Competition.


A beat maker/producer born in 1998 who has a unique presence with sickening beats that hide a cool destructive impulse. Gained attention for the distorted bass and ferocious sound common to Florida rappers such as Ski Mask The Slump God and Smokepurpp. In 2018, he released three EPs in quick succession on SoundCloud, including “Whowillknow,” “Youwillknow,” and “YummyZimmer.” He also provides beats to many rappers and is mass producing at a tremendous pace day and night. Signed with ANARCHY's new project "1% | ONEPERCENT" with Leon Fanourakis, with whom he collaborates. In December 2018, he released his first full-length album "Arsonist Under". A new generation hip-hop producer whose further activities are expected.

Mami Kadodo

Musician and percussionist. He creates music and pranks using his own voice, various percussion instruments including the marimba, words, and everything that catches his attention around him. This form extends to the production of works for installations and art projects, and he is developing free expressive activities as an artist that go beyond just performances both domestically and internationally. In addition to solo activities, to working as a chorus and percussion support member of the band Cero, also provide music and produce music for dance works, video works, and various commercials. In July 2017, released his first solo album “Dreams Flying Over Time” Music by Square/Karolina Bregla, an installation film exhibited at the Krolikarnia Museum in Warsaw, Poland in 2018, and music from artist Bahbak Hashemi-Nezhad's project “On What Ground” at the Serpentine Gallery in London, England. in charge. He released his new album "Ya Chaika" in August. In recent years, he has expanded his range of expression into words, including providing lyrics as a lyricist for works by Tomoyo Harada and Shun Ishiwaka. She is active in various ways such as singing, hitting, and creating music.