PETZ 1st Alubm “COSMOS” Release

 / Thailand
2019.9.25 Release
YENTOWN / bpm tokyo
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88rising's "MaSiWei", Thailand's national rapper "YOUNGOHM", the super popular US producer "Baauer" who is rocking festivals around the world, etc.
The universe created by MONYPETZJNKMN/YENTOWN's “PETZ” will be unveiled with the world's most luxurious guest performers!

Like Awich and kZm, he belongs to the hip hop crew YENTOWN, "PETZ" has released his 1st solo album from MONYPETZJNKMN, which shocked the audience with their 1st album "Lei" released in 2017. This work is totally produced by the genius "Chaki Zulu" who is the leader of YENTOWN and has worked on many songs. In addition, "Baauer", one of the most famous producers in the US, whose albums include G-Dragon and M.I.A, "1Mind", known for producing French Montana's "Unforgettable ft. Swae Lee", "Bluxz", who is active mainly in Canada and works on songs for Killy, "starboy", a young producer from Amsterdam who also provides songs for Lil Keed, NAV, Skepta, etc, The names of prominent producers from all over the world are listed. Guest performers include "MaSiWei" from Higher Brothers, a Chinese hip hop group that belongs to 88rising and is currently active worldwide, With PETZ, Thai national rapper "YOUNGOHM", who also collaborated with "YOUNGGU - SHIBUYA FT. FIIXD, YOUNGOHM, DIAMOND, & PETZ" and whose own songs have been viewed over 100 million times on YouTube, California's "Gab3", who also performs with the late Lil Peep and Skepta, Domestically, "Jin Dogg", "OZworld a.k.a. R'kuma" "KENYA", and "Awich" and "kZm" from YENTOWN also participated. A work with worldwide connections that transcends national borders has been completed. The music video for "BRO", which was supervised by YUEN HSIEH, who has also worked on music videos related to 88rising, and released in February, is set in a futuristic, ruined Tokyo and features guest appearances by US rapper MadeinTYO, making it popular not only in Japan but also in Japan. It also attracted a lot of attention in Asian countries.This work, which sublimates the fragmented world view of "BRO" through sound and video, is a microcosm filled with PETZ's highly addictive melody sense and flow, and a strong sense of beat. It has explosive power like a collision. In addition, the artwork for this work is in charge of Japanese graphic designer "GUCCIMAZE", who has created many artworks for major artists in the world such as Nicki Minaj and Flying Lotus. It will be a representative work of 2019, completed as a total art that perfectly expresses the image drawn by PETZ, who crosses not only music but also all creative genres such as art and fashion.

1. Intro -COSMOS- (Prod. Baauer)
2. CHROME HEARTS feat. Gab3 & kZm (Prod. star boy, outtatown & Chaki Zulu)
3. RPG feat.OZworld a.k.a. R’ kuma (Prod. VLOT)
4. Come Clean (Prod. U-Lee)
5. Made Myself feat. Masiwei & Awich (Prod. Chaki Zulu)
6. Bro (Prod. star boy & Chaki Zulu)
7. All Night Long (Prod. VLOT)
8. Never Stop feat. KENYA (Prod. VLOT & Chaki Zulu)
9. Fallin' feat. kZm (Prod. 1Mind)
10. Lost in Tokyo feat. YOUNGOHM (Prod. Chaki Zulu)
11. Moonlight (Prod. U-Lee)
12. Blue feat. Jin Dogg (Prod. Bluxz)
PETZ 1st Alubm “COSMOS” Release