A new form of music release supported by KSR, “100byKSR” has started

“For artists and the future of music community”
-A new form of music release supported by KSR, “100byKSR” has started -

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, clubs and live houses around the world are currently being forced to refrain from operating. A new project aimed at providing livelihood support to artists who are deprived of opportunities and places to perform musically,"100byKSR", started today.

"100byKSR" has released mainly club music so far, in recent years, YENTOWN-related works such as Awich and kZm, supported by KSR Corp. / bpm tokyo, which has released a wide variety of works including albums by JP THE WAVY and YOSA & TAAR. After soliciting and selecting songs from artists, we will pay production costs of 150,000 yen for the selected songs, and plan to select and release a total of 100 songs.

Applications for the project are open to all artists, regardless of format, genre, or career, such as rappers, track makers, and bands, with the aim of supporting artists who will lead to the future amid the current difficult situation for the music industry.

In addition, the proceeds from the release will be used for further artist support initiatives and donations.
For more information, please visit the "100byKSR" special site.

100byKSR special site

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