kZm - Appear on Rolling Loud Japan 2018 ~PRE-ROLL~

The world's No. 1 hip-hop festival "Rolling Loud" crosses the border and lands in Japan for the first time with the theme "CROSS THE BORDER". "Rolling Loud Japan 2018 ~PRE-ROLL~" will be held at TABLOID in Tokyo on Sunday, July 1st.

The four performers have been decided: KAYTRANADA, the artist who is attracting the most attention in the world right now, KOHH, who is active in the world, kZm, the youngest rapper of YENTOWN, and DJ MARZY. Pre-sale of tickets will be opened from 6pm today.

"Rolling Loud" is a festival that started in Miami in 2015, and this year's event attracted over 180,000 people, with over 140 artists who are leading the hip-hop scene, including FUTURE, TRAVIS SCOTT, and J.COLE, participating.

Rolling Loud Japan 2018 ~PRE-ROLL~