Awich - "Ashes" MV

Awich releases MV for song about her late husband, co-starring with her beloved daughter Yomi Jah

Awich released the music video for the song "Ashes" on Father's Day, which realistically describes an episode in which she mourns her late husband.
Awich married an American man she met while studying abroad in 2008, gave birth to her beloved daughter, who also appears in this music video, in the same year, and just as her family was planning to return to live in Japan, her husband was shot to death.
This music video depicts the bond between a mother and daughter who overcame tragedy, including footage from that time and a reenactment of her late husband's ashes being scattered in the sea by just Awich and her daughter, and the story of the mother-daughter bond that overcame tragedy. This work conveys the message of Awich herself: "Everything has a meaning. By thinking that way, we can become kinder and stronger. We can move forward.''