kZm - 5lack, BIM participating songs released as 7inch

From his solo album “DIMENSION”, songs featuring BIM and 5lack have been made into 7-inch !

From his 1st solo album released in April 2018, an emotional MV song produced by Chaki Zulu and a hard bangin' tune will be single cut!!

kZm started his music career in 2015 as the leader of the kiLLa crew formed with YDIZZY and others. After that, he joined YENTOWN, a group representing Neo Tokyo, as the youngest member, and released his long-awaited solo album. This is a masterpiece that invites a variety of guests and develops a unique abstract world view, and it has been decided to release a 7-inch that picks up two songs that can be said to be highlights from the same work. PUNPEE will be hosting their own radio program. Side-A, who has been attracting attention for their performance on J-WAVE's "SOFA KING FRIDAY," is a dreamy and urban song that combines laid-back rap with kZm's emotional singing voice. A new generation classic by the band.Then, on Side-B, with guest 5lack, who they profess to respect, they ride a hard, bangin' track, and both of them show off their rhyme mastery, creating a spectacular finish.

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